We are blessed with such beautiful landmarks and it is easy to find our towns and villages on the maps as you visit Mbumland.

We also celebrate our weddings in a grand style. Above all we are lovers of Gods word. 


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Here are some pictures of exciting moments. you will see pictures of those who had received training in Bible translation principles.

the project facilitator with the ICC and WILA
picture wiht ICC and WILA with PF
field pastor greeting PF
showing the PF to the Ndu field pastor
project facilitator with literacy consultant and field pastor with ICC
Meeting with the reverend father
Another shot
Introducing the PF to th pastor of CMFI by the ICC Chairman
Showing the PF to the pastor of the Anglican Church
Showing the PF to the pastor of Gentleman Living church Ndu
The zonal coordinator welcoming the PF
The ICC and Ndu zone with the PF meeting with the pastor of Presbyterian Church Ndu
printing literacy materials
printing literacy materials

It was during the training of literacy and some papers and materials to guide the teachers as the teach in schools. It is always great working in the company of Ngofe Sharlotte and Chuye Obed. The energy to do the work is always amazing.

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